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The One Haverhill Partnership Business Angels has been launched to encourage more businesses to get involved with ONE Haverhill Partnership and create a closer working relationship with local companies.


Genzyme Haverhill Operations is located on the Cambridgeshire Suffolk border. The site has been a part of Genzyme since 1982 and has grown significantly since that time. In the last 5 years capital investment in the site has exceeded £100M and we employ ~ 300 people at the site in a variety of disciplines.

Recognised as a leader within the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry, we have a dedicated workforce who have the opportunity to learn, develop and achieve, whilst delivering products and services to exacting customer requirements applying best operating practices in safety, quality and efficiency.


Our aim is to ensure that our clients are claiming valuable tax reliefs and in particular Research and ‍‍‍Development (R&D) Tax Credits.

Our philosophy is to provide responsible advice, under the ethical code of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. We are very proud to have our head office in Haverhill.

Our whole premise centres around organisations working together to ‍‍make Haverhill a better place for those who work, live and visit the town.

We want to bring the business community together to help us achieve some of our current priorities for Haverhill – around education, employment, crime, health, culture and the Town Centre Masterplan.

There are many projects, driven by ONE Haverhill Partnership, which could be supported by businesses – whether financially, through voluntary support or through resources.

To find out how you can get involved with the Business Angels, please email Dave Gooderham, Communications Consultant for ONE Haverhill Partnership, at‍ dave@gooderham-pr.co.uk.

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