27 Ju‍‍‍ly 2017

The two new coordinators tasked with helping to bring a new health and wellbeing project to Haverhill have spoken of their excitement about the new role.

The Haverhill LifeLink project, run by ONE Haverhill Partnership and St Edmundsbury Borough Council, will officially start in August.

Under the two-year pilot project, it will be the job of coordinators Elaine Hewes and Charlotte Murphy (right) to work closely with participants to help them achieve their goals.

This will include signposting individuals to the vast number of vibrant community groups, activities and support in Haverhill – a move which project leaders believe will help combat the high percentage of GP appointments which are for social needs rather than medical.

Elaine, who has spent almost 20 years working for the Haverhill Volunteer Centre and the Befriending Scheme, said she was delighted to be able to use her expertise for such a worthwhile project.

She added: “I have lived in Haverhill for about 25 years and I know full well the amount of wonderful community groups and activities this town has to offer.

"We want to work with GPs and relevant patients to help them access these groups, which in turn will help improve their overall wellbeing.”

Charlotte, also from Haverhill, studied in social care before working at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

She added: “We both can’t wait to get started on this really exciting project. I was looking for an opportunity that was more hands-on and it is amazing to think we are coming into Haverhill LifeLink right at the start.

“We both truly feel this will make a massive difference to the health and wellbeing needs of many in our town.”

Haverhill LifeLink builds on ONE Haverhill Partnership’s priority to improve health and access to services in the town and sees them working with a number of partners.

If you would like to know any more about the Haverhill LifeLink scheme, please contact Lauren White-Miller on 07946 293561 or info@haverhill-lifelink.co.uk.  

Haverhill LifeLink appointments‍‍‍

“We are delighted to have attracted two LifeLink Coordinators of the calibre of Elaine and Charlotte.

“They both bring with them a wonderful blend of experience and enthusiasm as we introduce this valuable service to our town.”

John Mayhew
Chair of ONE Haverhill Par‍‍‍tnership


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Coordinat‍‍‍ors appointed for “valuable” new health service