2 April 2018

Promoting a healthy lifestyle remains a key priority for ONE Haverhill Partnership.

To paraphrase our business plan, one of our aims is to carry out the ‘coordination of promoting physical activity and health initiatives in Haverhill’.

In general, Haverhill residents enjoy better health than the Suffolk or national averages and are less likely to be affected by life-limiting disability or illness.

However, as the data in our business plan indicates, there are particular issues with lifestyle-related conditions, such as obesity and lung cancer.

ONE Haverhill Partnership is therefore committed to improving the health outcomes for residents in these areas.

That is why we were delighted to see one of our partners, Abbeycroft Leisure, successfully manage the project to bring the popular ‘Park Run’ to our streets this month.

The park run has grown in popularity through the country, including in neighbouring towns within Suffolk, and it was fantastic to see more than 100 people, of all ages and abilities, take part.

That is the great thing about the park run and why it should be a key driver in achieving any goal around health and fitness.

It is open to all. From seasoned runners looking to polish times and performance to those simply looking for a bit of exercise.

No one worries about how long it takes you to get round the course. In fact, it is more likely to be the opposite.

I’m told the inaugural Haverhill Park Run was set among a great atmosphere and was a great success.

Many congratulations to all who organised and took part. Here’s to many, many more to come.

John Mayhew, Chairman of ONE Ha‍‍‍verhill Partnership

Haverhill Echo column - March 2018‍‍‍

We were delighted to work with the Suffolk Chamber of Commerce Haverhill and District in kick-starting another priority – this time around education and employment.

With the world constantly changing, it is imperative that our young people are as equipped with skills and attitudes to make them work-ready.

‍‍‍The same applies for job candidates from older age groups. This can only be possible through dialogue and partnership-working between businesses, educationalists and other interested parties.

The Haverhill Skills Forum was ‍‍‍only a start, but the session, expertly run by David Triggs, a former academy trust chief executive and owner and managing director of Renewable Education Ltd, was a great success highlighting questions and opportunities from within the classroom and the world of work. Other discussion points ranged from broadband to transport links.

A full report on the outcomes from the Skills Forum will be released soon.


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Great to see park run get off to a flying start