22 June 2016

One of the chief reasons behind the success of ONE Haverhill Partnership has been the key and close working between our various stakeholders.

The organisation is deliberately made up of representatives from each of the three councils – town, borough and county – as well as business, education and voluntary sectors, police, faith and health organisations and representatives from Havebury Housing and Abbeycroft Leisure.

This close working, all around the same mission of improving our town, was identified as a priority right at the start of ONE Haverhill Partnership being set up in 2011.

And it remains just as integral and just as crucial today.

I want to pay tribute to the hard work and dedication of every single person who has sat on the board during the last six years.

All our members – past, present and future – do so voluntarily, alongside the existing demands of their day-to-day jobs, roles and lives.

While the full board meet quarterly, our task groups focusing on the Town Centre Masterplan, health, crime, culture, education and employment meet far more regularly to discuss and action current priorities and ways to bring about real change.

They are united in their determination to help make Haverhill the best it can be and I am in awe of all the commitment and hard work they bring to ONE Haverhill Partnership.

I also must salute the organisations and businesses of which they represent, all of whom have signed up to our ‘mission’.

For instance, we can only function because of huge commitment of officers from the three councils, which all support the organisation as non-voting members.

There is so much going on and all for the good of our town - thanks to the hard work of so many.

John Mayhew, Chairman of ONE Haverhill Partnership

Chairman's Haverhill Echo column

A welcome to new board members...

Just recently, we have welcomed two new board members whose employers have shown long-term commitment to our work.

Anita Jones and Darren Woodward join us from Havebury Housing and Samuel Ward Academy Trust respectively and I know both will prove great assets going forward.

It is crucial we are represented by all sectors and aspects of the local community and both will add a breadth of experience to our work.


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In praise of partnership working

A busy time...

It is a busy time for ONE Haverhill Partnership with the last few weeks alone bringing interviews for the Haverhill LifeLink health project as well as some fantastic draft logos designed by students at Samuel Ward Academy.

We are working closely with the council and we also continue to meet and progress with the Masterplan and a latest update can be found on our website - www.onehaverhill.co.uk.

Finally, our Business Plan is set to go to public consultation after next month’s General Election.