27 September 2018

Abbeycroft Leisure in partnership with One Haverhill, launched its latest physical activity challenge today to encourage the Haverhill community to collectively burn one million calories before Christmas.

Their aim is to encourage children and‍‍‍ adults to take part in any type of activity which burns calories and then record it on the Abbeycroft Leisure app.

Warren Smyth, Abbeycroft Leisure’s chief executive officer said: “We developed our app because digital intelligence is now a fundamental part of the fitness industry, and it’s a very simple but effective platform on which we can stay connected with our customers.

"However, it was always our ambition to use the app to run large scale community challenges such as this and we’re confident that Haverhill will rise to this challenge.

"We’re very pleased that One Haverhill is supporting it, as a partnership approach is definitely the smartest way to make it a success and we hope that schools, clubs and organisations in Haverhill will get behind it, download the app and start recording their activity.

John Mayhew, chairman of ONE Haverhill Partnership, said: “We welcome any scheme that encourages health and fitness for the residents of Haverhill.

“This is a great initiative by one of our board partners and we are proud to work with Abbeycroft Leisure to get Haverhill to burn a million calories before Christmas.

“ONE Haverhill Partnership will be signing up to this scheme and we would love to be joined by as many organisations and individuals, young and old, as possible.

“It is a fantastic initiative and one we look forward to taking part in.”Any type of activity can be recorded on the app manually such as walking, running, swimming, gym workouts, PE lessons, cycling or dancing, and it will also sync with other activity apps such as Fitbit, Strava, and MapMyFitness.

The app is completely free of charge and for anyone not currently doing exercise, this is an excellent way to make a start and get involved, even if it’s having a brisk walk a few times a week.

Haverhill also has a free weekly parkrun event, every Saturday morning, starting from Puddlebrook Playing Field at 9am and it’s fully inclusive so you can go as fast as you want to.

It’s aimed at complete beginners or experienced runners and its a run not a race, so again an excellent way to burn calories and contribute towards the Haverhill 1million calorie challenge.

To find out more and to download the app go to http://acleisure.com/haverhill-s-one-million-calorie-challenge.

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New campaign encourages people to exerci‍‍‍se more‍‍‍

“The school was delighted to partner with Abbeycroft Leisure to officially launch the Haverhill One Million Calorie Challenge."

David Maguire, headteacher of Westfield Primary Academy.


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