‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Business Plan consultation extended

Groups wanted to discuss new health project‍‍‍

25 January 2017

Community groups in Haverhill are celebrating after receiving more than £21,000 in the final round of a grant scheme, run by ONE Have‍‍‍rhill Partnership.

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Date set for annual meeting

haverhill town centre masterplan report

Update: The Haverhill Town Centre Masterplan was Adopted by St Edmundsbury Council at a full cabinet members meeting in September 2015.

Read the Report >‍‍‍

22 June 2016

A workshop which will allow prisoners at HMP Highpoint Prison to learn about vehicle maintenance in a bid to make them more employable has been officially opened.

Sarah Howard, President of Suffolk Chamber of Commerce and Chair of the ONE Haverhill Partnership, cut the ribbon on the new workshop during an event which saw local employers gain a valuable insight into training programmes held within the Stradishall-based prison.

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Vehicle Maintenance workshop opens at HMP Highpoint

Vehicle Maintenance at HMP Highpoint

23 May 2016

The next meeting of the ONE Haverhill Partnership will take place on Wednesday 15th June at Haverhill Arts Centre.

All public are welcome.

Date set for next meeting‍‍‍

28 August 2015

After the completion of a 12-week public consultation, the final Haverhill Town Centre‍‍‍ Masterplan will go before St Edmundsbury Borough Council cabinet members and then full council next month (September).

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Town Centre plan goes before Council

Final Haverhill Town Centre Masterplan to go before Council

Haverhill community grants scheme open to organisations

Haverhill grants scheme open‍‍‍

16 August 2016

A community grant scheme that has given out more than £60,000 to organisations and groups across Haverhill has launched its final round of money available.

The last pot of money, provided by St Edmundsbury Borough Council, has now been made a‍‍‍vailable with organisations invited to apply for a grant of up to £5,000 before the deadline of Friday 23 September.

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Youth Skills project secures future with new funding‍‍‍

30 June 2016

A youth skills project which has been at the forefront of helping hundreds of young people secure apprenticeships has been rewarded with funding for a further two years.

The project set‍‍‍ up by ONE Haverhill Partnership has exceeded all apprenticeship targets after close links were developed between business and education in the town.

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Youth Project Secures Future

Prisoners intent on getting their lives back on track have been given a boost by local employer

Keys to a better future

30 August 2016

Date set for annual meeting of ONE Haverhill Partnership

The annual meeting of ONE Haverhill Partnership will take place at; 10am - Wednesday 14th September

Public are welcome to attend the meeting at Haverhill Arts Centre.‍‍‍

30 August 2016

From hosting workshops encouraging local employers to give former offenders a second chance to giving a mini digger to help prisoners train in road maintenance, electricity firm UK Power Networks has long worked with HMP Highpoint Prison – and been one of the leading lights locally in helping to reduce reoffending.

Now the company has donated a Ford Transit van from its fleet to help prisoners studying for engineering qualifications who need a constant supply of vehicles on which to learn and practice mechanics.

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Family history group tells Haverhill's working past thanks to grant

Family history group to tell working past‍‍‍

12 September 2016

A local history group wanting to retell Haverhill’s working past has paid tribute to a community grant scheme that made it possible.

The Family History (Haverhill) Group was a beneficiary of the grants programme run by ONE Haverhill Partnership – and has urged other organisations and groups in the town to apply before the Friday 23 Se‍‍‍ptember deadline.

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Date set for board meeting

Apprenticeship Awards recognise achievements of town’s workforce‍‍‍

22 November 2016

The achievements of apprentices in Haverhill have been marked by a special awards ceremony praising the work of both individuals an‍‍‍d employers.

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5 December 2016

The next board meeting of ONE Haverhill Partnership will take place at; 10am - Wednesday 7th December

Public are welcome to attend the meeting at Haverhill Arts Centre.

26 October 2016

Haverhill’s MP Matt Hancock has urged businesses and individuals to help celebrate apprenticeships in the town at a special awards ceremony.

The ONE Haverhill P‍‍‍artnership Apprenticeship Awards will be held on Friday 18th November as a way of showcasing the importance of apprentices in Haverhill.

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Town MP calls on Haverhill to support Apprenticeship Awards

Town MP calls for support

New chairman wants to continue success story of ONE Haverhill Partnership

New chairman to continue success story‍‍‍

20 September 2016

The new chairman of ONE Haverhill Partnership has vowed to continue the “fantastic” work of the group after taking over at the helm.

John Mayhew was last week elected to take over from Sarah Howard w‍‍‍ho is stepping down after three years as chairman.

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Groups celebrating grant scheme success‍‍‍

7 March 2017

Community groups are being urged to attend an open meeting looking at ways of develo‍‍‍ping an innovative new health project in Haverhill.

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Haverhill Community Grants scheme

Health project open day

Apprenticeship Awards Winners 2016

Community leaders speak of Masterplan success‍‍‍

21 March 2017

The chairman of ONE Haverhill Partnership has expressed disappointment over claims of a lack of progress of the Town Centre Masterplan.‍‍‍

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Masterplan success now replicated

Haverhill LifeLink gets the go-ahead

New health project gets the go-ahead after attracting more than £130,000 funding‍‍‍

7 April 2017

Exciting plans for a new health project exclusive to Haverhill have been given the green light thanks to more than £130,000 funding from central‍‍‍ government and Suffolk County Council.

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Town Centre Masterplan latest

‍‍‍Masterplan task group outlines latest news

Chairman's Haverhill Echo column

26th May 2017

One of the chief reasons behind the success of ONE Haverhill Partnership has been the key and close working between our various stakeholders.‍‍‍

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In praise of Partnership working

Community grants success‍‍‍

19th June 2017

Voluntary organisations in Haverhill will benefit from free training courses delivered by Community Action Suffolk (CAS), following £1,000 of funding from One Haverhill Partnership.

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Free training provided for voluntary organisations

Masterplan success now replicated

Chairman's Haverhill Echo column

Haverhill LifeLink

Haverhill LifeLi‍‍‍‍‍‍nk logo unveiled

5th June 2017

An exciting new health project in Haverhill will be fronted by the work of a 15-year-old student from the town.

Read more >

Student’s design will front health project

Business Plan public consultation

3rd July 2017

A change in the date of the next ONE Haverhill Partnership board meeting has enabled the deadline for the close of t‍‍‍he public consultation on the new Business Plan to be extended until Sunday 9th July.  ‍‍‍

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Deadline for Business Plan public consultation extended

Business Plan 2017-2020‍‍‍

17th October 2017

ONE Haverhill Partnership has formally launched its Business Plan covering the period 2017-2020

After collating all the responses from a public consultation, the Business Plan was formally adopted by the ONE Haverhill Partnership board at their meeting in September.

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Business Plan formally adopted by ONE Haverhill board

Business Plan 2017-2020‍‍‍

11th July 2017

A public consultation into the ONE Haverhill Partnership Business Plan has now ended.

The responses are now being collated. We would like to thank everyone who took part in the consultation.

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Business Plan public consultation ended

16th May 2017

The Haverhill Town Centre Masterplan Task Group, set up to assist in implementing the Ma‍‍‍sterplan, gives an update on some of the latest news.

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Haverhill LifeLink appointments

27th July 2017

The two new coordinators tasked with helping to bring a new health and wellbeing project to Haverhill have spoken of their excitement about the new role.

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Coordinators appointed for “valuable” new health service

Haverhill Echo column

3rd October 2017

‍‍‍ The Board of ONE Haverhill Partnership has re-elected John Mayhew and Henry Wilson for a second annual term as chairman and vice-chairman respectively.

John said: "We are both very grateful for this show of confidence and we are delighted to look ahead to a second year following 12 months of real progress and success stories in our town."

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Ch‍‍‍airman's delight at being re-elected

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Business Angels launched

ONE Have‍‍‍r‍‍‍hill launches Business Angels

15th November 2017

The One Haverhill Partnership Business Angels has been launched to encourage more businesses to get involved with ONE Haverhill Partnership and create a closer working relationship with local companies.

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Busine‍‍‍ss Angels‍

Appr‍‍‍enticeship Awards take place

Awards shine light on Haverhill 'success story'‍‍‍

19th January 2018‍‍‍

The ONE Haverhill Partnership Apprenticeship Awards was held at Sanofi to celebrate the success and achievements of apprentices and the employers that have committed themselves to the scheme.

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Haverhill Echo column - February 2018

Skills Forum will be a focus for educational opportunities‍‍‍

19th February 2018

Working with partners to improve educational opportunities in our town has always been a big priority for ONE Haverhill Partnership.

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Haverhill Echo column - March 2018

Great to se‍‍‍e park run get off to a flying start‍‍‍

2nd April 2018

Promoting a healthy lifestyle remains a key priority for ONE Haverhill P‍‍‍artnership.‍‍

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‍‍‍High Sheriff Volunteer Garden Party

Volunteers to be honou‍‍‍red at special event

19th April 2018‍‍‍

ONE Haverhill Partnership and the new High Sheriff of Suffolk, George Vestey, have teamed up to honour the unsung heroes of our community at a special event during National Volunteers Week.

Nominate your volunteer by clicking here

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‍‍‍‍‍‍Exciting plans announced to give busine‍‍‍sses more say

21st May 2018

ONE Haverhill Partnership has announced plans to create a Business Improvement District (BID) in the town centre – amid estimates that it could see a further £1 million in making improvements and enhancing the economy.

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‍‍‍Haverhill BID unveiled

High Sheriff garden party says thank you to volunteers

7th June 2018

A garden party aimed at shining a spotlight on th‍‍‍e voluntary unsung heroes of Haverhill has been hailed a success.

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‍‍‍Volunteer garde‍‍‍n party




Task Groups




‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍Community joins‍‍‍ together to celebrate‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍

10th September 2018

A health project that encourages patients to take part in community activities to improve their wellbeing is celebrating‍‍‍ its first birthday.

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Haverhill LifeLink first birthday‍‍‍


New campaign encourages people to exercise more

27th September 2018

Abbeycroft Leisure and One Haverhill Partnership have launched a physical activity challenge to encourage the Haverhill community to collectively burn one million calories before Christmas

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One million calorie challenge


‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍We ‍‍‍all need to work together for our high streets

31st October 2018

We watched with interest this week as the Government announced a number of new plans to reinvigorate high streets.  

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Haverhill Echo Colu‍‍‍mn


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