28 June 2012

Haverhill community organisations benefiting the young, the elderly, and disadvantaged will be presented with more than £14,000 in community grants on Tuesday (3 July).

Community groups and organisations from across the town were invited to submit applications for up to £5,000 from a special grant pot made available to ONE Haverhill by St Edmundsbury Borough Council to fund projects that will benefit Haverhill people.

Members of ONE Haverhill's Grants Panel will present Haverhill Cricket Club, Haverhill Local History Group, Haverhill Volunteer Centre, Wednesdays for Women, Positive Futures/Catch 22, Open Road, British Red Cross, Haverhill Schools Initiative, and REACH Community Projects with their grant funding on Tuesday (3 July).

Anne Gower, Chairman of ONE Haverhill, said:

"We are so pleased to present these groups with much needed money which will go a long way to helping their projects to benefit people in Haverhill."

The grants were in addition to the support already agreed for a number of community events in Haverhill over the summer including torch and Jubilee celebrations, the Big Day Out, U Festival and Community Family Fun Days.

ONE Haverhill is a board set up in 2011 to bring together a range of stakeholders including all three tiers of local government, the business sector, education, police, health and others as one voice with the aim of improving the quality of life for people in Haverhill.

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13 July 2012

In a letter addressed to Anne Gower, Chair of One Haverhill Board, The Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, has praised the work ONE Haverhill has completed to date on a national pilot.

He wrote to express his gratitude for the work being done in Haverhill by local organisations engaged in the community budgeting pilot. The letter was also copied to the leaders of the Borough and the County Councils, Cllr John Griffiths and Cllr Mark Bee.

The Rt Hon Eric Pickles MP, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government, wrote to ONE Haverhill Chairman Anne Gower to express his gratitude for the work being done in Haverhill by local organisations engaged in the community budgeting pilot.He said:

"With the Neighbourhood Community Budgets I want to help areas like yours move from aspiration into the reality of decentralising power. It is clear that a range of approaches are developing that reflect the different dynamics of your neighbourhoods which is just as it should be. We have also been struck by your positive feedback on how we are supporting each of the pilots to make progress.

"You are at the heart of our efforts to decentralise power from Whitehall to local councils and communities, helping people to take charge of their own affairs."

Mr Pickles also said he was looking forward to seeing the operational plans setting out the focus of Haverhill Community Budget which will be sent to the department in September and presented to Whitehall in October by ONE Haverhill.

Secretary of State praises the work of ONE Haverhill

1 November 2012

ONE Haverhill has receives praise from fellow pilot towns after it presented an update to the Government’s Neighbourhood Community Budget (NCB) Peer Challenge Panel on 2 October.

The Peer Challenge gives pilot areas a chance to hear an update on one another’s community budget draft operational plans and learn about the different ways in which areas have shaped the community budget concept. The panel is also made up of Government officials from the Department for Communities and Local Government who are supporting the pilot areas.

The Panel praised ONE Haverhill for the clear concept of how the community budget could work in Haverhill and singled out local business involvement as a particularly strong feature.

The Panel said in a letter to ONE Haverhill;

“It is clear that ONE Haverhill sees the NCB as a real opportunity to change things for the better in the town. You have made excellent progress so far, due in no small part to the strong commitment of partners on the ONE Haverhill Board.

“Overall, you have a clear conception of how your NCB could work, have followed a structured process to define its scope and potential budgets, and have enabled local people to have their say in a range of ways. Local business involvement is a particularly strong feature and one that we know you want to develop further.

“In particular the challenge session highlighted the important contribution made by the business sector so far – via Sarah Howard as the Business Representative on ONE Haverhill.”

ONE Haverhill was also commended for its decision to focus on a manageable package of services, develop an approach that works, and grow from there, rather than seeking to map all activity and spend in the town.

Praise for Community Budget plans

“Bringing together all the various bodies in the community and representatives from business under ONE Haverhill is fantastic."

“ONE Haverhill has had input from local people and from surveys carried out locally to gather views from the public. They have been able to identify clearly how much money is spent in Haverhill and in which areas and now they have views from local people on what they would like to see the money spent on."

“The Government is learning through these pilots because we want to give people a much greater say in activities and services provided locally and to give local people real empowerment and ONE Haverhill is a strong example of that."

“People are giving up their time to do this here in Haverhill and it is amazing. This is all about community empowerment at a local level.”

Don Foster MP
by letter to ONE Haverhill

ONE Haverhill compares notes with Ilfracombe

Online survey launched to ask for views

27 July 2012

Those living and working in Haverhill are being asked for their views on how money should be spent in the town and which services are important to them through a new online survey launched today (Friday 27 July).

In December 2011, the Government announced that Haverhill had been chosen as one of just 12 areas in the UK to pilot a new way of giving local communities more say in the way budgets are spent. ONE Haverhill has identified two key areas of public funding to look at first, monies spent on improving the physical environment and opportunities for young people. Local people will decide which of the areas under these headings are most important through a series of consultations.

Representatives from ONE Haverhill have already started to canvass views in the town by attending the torch relay and the Big Day Out event on the Recreation Ground on Wednesday (25 July).

Views sought at public forum

18 October 2012

ONE Haverhill will hold its next Public Forum on Monday 22 October and is inviting people to come along and contribute their views on the future of the town.

It will be the third Public Forum event that ONE Haverhill has held. The last forum held in April was themed around health services and prompted more than 100 residents to go along and give their views on out of hours GP care and the closure of the Crown Health Centre.

The event will take place at Samuel Ward Academy from 6.30pm to 8.30pm and anyone who lives, works or is interested in contributing their views on Haverhill is invited.

Tim Marks, Chairman of the ONE Haverhill Public Forum, said:

“This is the opportunity for Haverhill people to contribute to the running of local services which affect their quality of life. It is the intention of the ONE Haverhill Board to concentrate on those services which residents consider most important to them and it is important that the public voice their concerns and aspirations for Haverhill at the Public Forum.”

21 November 2012

Over the summer, Mobilise and The Campaign Company were commissioned by Haverhill Town Council on behalf of ONE Haverhill to undertake large scale engagement of local residents as part of the Neighbourhood Community Budget process.

Haverhill has been chosen by the Government as one of just 12 areas in the UK to pilot a new way of giving local communities more say in the way budgets are spent. Community Budgeting provides a real opportunity for people in Haverhill to directly influence how and where money is spent in the town. All organisations will still hold their funding and their responsibilities, but the board will work on bringing organisations round the table to ensure that the money is spent locally to provide the services local people value the most.

The purpose of the community engagement was to understand residents’ experiences within the themes ‘Services for Young People’ and the ‘Physical Environment’, and subsequently to derive insight into priorities, underlying causes of dissatisfaction, views on potential solutions and a willingness to become involved. This engagement was paid for by Department for Communities and Local Government Community Budget Grant.

The polling of local residents was a key part of ONE Haverhill’s community engagement which will shape Haverhill’s community budget.

Mobilise polled over 600 people through surveys (face-to-face and some online), focus groups and a 'Young Person's Game.' This equates to 1 resident in 50. The polling found that residents were generally satisfied with Haverhill as a place to live, with almost three-quarters expressing a high level of satisfaction. There was also a high propensity to get involved with just over half of those surveyed saying they would get involved in local services if they felt they could improve them.

2nd round of Community Grants awarded

29 November 2012

Groups and organisations were invited to apply for up to £5,000 from a special grant pot, made available to ONE Haverhill by St Edmundsbury Borough Council, to fund projects that will benefit Haverhill people.

It was the second chance groups in the town had to apply for grants. The first round of community grants were awarded earlier this year to a wide range of local organisations benefitting the young, the elderly and the disadvantaged.

The Befriending Scheme, Haverhill Town Council, REACH Community Projects, CB9 Media Hub, Haverhill in Bloom, and the Breastfeeding Network have benefited from £18,572 towards their projects to benefit people in the town.

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9 November 2012

Communities Minister Don Foster MP visited Haverhill on Friday 2 November to meet with ONE Haverhill and find out about how plans are progressing for a community budget.

Mr Foster met with Vice Chairman Sarah Howard and other representatives to hear how the project has progressed in the town.

The first two stages of the community budget pilot preparation are now complete with ONE Haverhill having identified the services, through community engagement, that they will look at and how much money is spent in these areas. The third stage will be to involve the community in how that money could be spent differently and more efficiently in the town.

All organisations will still hold their funding and their responsibilities, but the board will work on bringing organisations round the table to ensure that the money is spent locally to provide the services local people value the most.

MP hears how plans for a community budget are progressing

16 November 2012

A British Red Cross project funded by ONE Haverhill to find out what residents are concerned about and establish how they can be helped has been a great success.

ONE Haverhill provided £1,000 from its community grants funding from St Edmundsbury Borough Council to help the British Red Cross fund ‘Operation Gunpowder’, a joint police, fire, housing and council operation which ran between October 22 and November 3 in the lead up to bonfire night.

More than 1,300 households in Haverhill were visited to identify potentially vulnerable residents/tenants and to offer advice, support and make any necessary referrals to other agencies.

From the visits, two Home Shield referrals were made (for people we considered to be really in need and vulnerable). There were 20 referrals to Suffolk Fire and Rescue Service for residents needing smoke detectors and advice about fire safety. There were also numerous other issues raised, including lack of street lighting, parking problems, anti-social behaviour, noise, problems with neighbours, rubbish.

However, the British Red Cross reports that the overwhelming majority of residents were very happy, felt safe and had no issues to report.

Identifying potential vulnerable residents

ONE Haverhill helps British Red Cross operation in town

Engagement with local residents

Haverhill residents have given their views on what services are important to them to help shape a new pilot project.

News Archive 2012

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Government Minister visits ONE Haverhill

2nd round of Community Grant applications open

5 September 2012

Second Chance for Haverhill Community Groups to Receive Up to £5,000

Haverhill’s Community groups and organisations are being invited to submit applications for up to £5,000 in grant funding for projects that benefit the town.

Groups and organisations can apply for up to £5,000 from a special grant pot, made available to ONE Haverhill by St Edmundsbury Borough Council, to fund projects that will benefit Haverhill people.

Please note: Applications are now closed

18 August 2012

ONE Haverhill Meets Ilfracombe to Discuss Pilot Project

Chairman of ONE Haverhill Board, Anne Gower, met with the lead councillor of another community budget area to compare notes on how each town was progressing with the national pilot.

Ilfracombe in North Devon was also chosen as a pilot area and Cllr Ron Ley Leader of Ilfracombe Town Council met with Anne Gower and Locality Officer for ONE Haverhill Clair Harvey on Saturday (18 August).

Cllr Ley had a tour of the town and then discussed with Clair and Anne how they are working on the community budget, how they are engaging local residents and the different approaches to building a community budget.  There was also an opportunity to discuss projects like the On the Spot Bus, the Library service and the Health services situation in Haverhill and the grants given out by One Haverhill Board.


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