8 June 2017

A public consultation looking at the priorities for ONE Haverhill Partnership for the next three years has been launched.

The organisation has published a draft business plan for the period, 2017-20, and is asking the public to give their views over the next two weeks.

ONE Haverhill Partnership currently priorities four task groups - namely Health and Wellbeing, Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour, Education, Training and Employment and the Town Centre Masterplan. A fifth strand, around Culture, has also been identified for greater attention.

John Mayhew, chairman of ONE Haverhill Partnership, said the business plan was a clear way of shaping future priorities and urged the public to get involved in having their say via the consultation questionnaire.

The business plan sets out key actions and targets and includes improving educational opportunities, the recently launched Haverhill LifeLink health project and the latest on the Masterplan.

Please tell us what you think of the priorities and activities we are proposing for ONE Haverhill Partnership.

The deadline for completing this questionnaire has now been extended until midnight Sunday 9th July 2017.

* Please click on the links below to view the Business Plan

ONE Haverhill Partnership Business Plan

"The business plan sets out the current view of what could be achieved, as identified by our members, the organisations they are part of and the community in Haverhill.

It is a living document, a work in progress. We are agreeing a long-term strategy but will also continue to identify short-term outcomes that can be realised to drive real change.

More plans and more detail will follow over the next three years as priorities shift, but the main focus and purpose of ONE Haverhill Partnership will remain."

John Mayhew
Chair - ONE Haverhill Partnership


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Partnership calls on public to make their views known

ONE Haverhill Business Plan 2017-2020

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