16 May 2017

The Haverhill Town Centre Masterplan Task Group, set up to assist in implementing the Masterplan, gives an update on some of the latest news.

Camps Road Recreation Ground

Work started in February 2017 to upgrade the existing footpath network across the recreation ground. The work, which was completed at the end of March 2017, included the widening of three existing footpaths to three metres wide to enable pedestrians and cyclists to jointly use it safely.

Haverhill Business Park

To the south east of the town centre, planning permission has been granted for the Haverhill Business Park, which will provide a mix of commercial development. Discussion with the site owner indicates that there is considerable interest from the market in investing in Haverhill.

Haverhill Research Park

Haverhill Research Park (HRP) was awarded Enterprize Zone (EZ) status. HRP is one of five sites now being actively marketed as part of the Greater Cambridge Greater Peterborough’s Cambridge Compass EZ.

Former Project Office Furniture site

Beyond the immediate town centre, work is well underway at this site. Pets at Home and Home Bargains are due to open in late Spring/early Summer and Lidl may be open by the end of the year, if not early 2018.

Specialist markets

The December Christmas market in Queens Street was a success, with good feedback on social media and an increase in parking events and footfall in the town. During the summer of 2017 there will be monthly craft and gift markets on the Market Square, along with a food and drink festival, a youth market and a ‘world market’ in Queens Street. Excellent links have been made with the two local academies and the youth skills manager at One Haverhill Partnership. Both academies are involved in the youth market and community market.

Stour Brook

The Haverhill Town Clerk is leading on a project that is looking at the feasibility of improving the Stour Brook through the town centre.  A meeting took place with the Environment Agency and Suffolk County Council, who provided some potential options for the Stour Brook. These options need to be considered by the Working Group and a decision made as to which options should be pursued.

Student design competition for Haverhill Town Square

Discussions are underway to organise a competition to design the best town square. The competition will be open to invited university and sixth form students and will be supported by the Royal Town Planning Institute.

Town Council handyman

The Town Council has employed a handyman on a permanent contract, working 22 hours a week.  The handyman’s role is to address some of the ‘tidy up’ issues in and around the town that were original identified by One Haverhill Partnership through the masterplan consultation.  Work to date has included weeding, washing traffic island bollards and reporting broken ones, cutting verges, cleaning bus stops, painting railings, fixing signs, litter picks and liaising with residents to trim overgrown hedges.

Masterplan latest


The Haverhill Chamber of Commerce-led A1307 Strategy Board Meetings are focused on making the business case for improvements to the A1307.  

Progress has included:

a) Suffolk County Council confirmed that the A1307 is a priority pipeline project for the authority and its importance was raised at the December 2016 meeting of the New Anglia Local Enterprise Partnership Local Transport Board.

b) Cambridgeshire traffic data collection regarding the A1307 is complete and will be analysed, with results and gap analysis expected in March 2017.  

c) An interim report based on a review of the headline figures showed that current flows are within the capacity of the A1307; nonetheless, there are issues with a number of junctions and the impact of future growth has not yet been assessed and may not be easily accommodated.

d) Further work is required to test the assumptions of the interim report and this will form the first stage of the preparation of a business case by SCC/Cambridgeshire County Council supported by consultants.


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